The laying’s design of a wooden floor is one of the factors that most determine the style of a house. The wooden floors have always been used to embellish multiple environments and thanks to the various laying geometries, they are able to make the parquet even more fascinating. Among the most famous ones there is definitely the Italian herringbone. Let’s find out together this technique, very much used in the past, and which is definitely back in fashion today.

The Italian herringbone laying

This technique owes its name to the final effect it gives: it recalls the design of the central spine of a fish. This laying geometry is composed by elements of rectangular shape of equal size which are arranged at 90 ° to each other and in parallel rows, so that the head of one fits with the side of the other. The direction of the spine can be parallel or diagonal to the walls. The herringbone laying is one of the most particular and choreographic installations and is ideal for the narrow environments because thanks to the repetition of its design, it gives the sensation of a more spacious and larger environment, to enhance the space with this type of laying you have to lay the direction of the design from the entrance to the back wall.

The Hungarian herringbone laying

The Hungarian herringbone laying is characterized by the « cutting of the heads » of the strips from 45 ° to 60 ° and therefore requires a more committed and meticulous workmanship. The strips obtained after the cutting are positioned head to head at right angles and in correspondence of the elements’ junction continuous lines are formed; thus laid they give greater directionality than the simple herringbone laying. This technique has ancient origins and was usually chosen for particularly prestigious environments: it is not by chance that we find it in the Palace of Versailles and even today decorates the most modern luxury environments!

The combination with the seal and band system

The versatility and the fantasy that compose the plug-in installation are represented by the possibility of combining this technique with the band and seal system: with “band” we refer to the perimeter area of ​​the floor, which is characterized by elements with a different laying geometry from the central part. These two areas are connected by the seal, formed by connecting elements between the two different designs. Thanks to this combination it is possible to play with the juxtaposition of different woods to highlight and enhance the central carpet, the band and the same seal. This way you can obtain flooring with great charm, suitable for both classic and contemporary style environments.

Italian excellences by Corà Wood Flooring

Corà wood flooring offers multiple floorings with a herringbone shape, for example among the Italian Excellences of the Evo Garant Collection you can choose from 14 finishes, 7 shades of grey and other contemporary shades, from Palladio’s white to the almost black brown of Giorgione. An extraordinarily elegant flooring, made with high quality manufacture, suitable for underfloor heating, standard with the « High Care » SANITIZING paint, with the optional possibility of a ten-year product warranty. The particularity of the new line “Italian Excellences”, is being able to choose the surface effect to your liking (planing, rounding, cross cutting saw).

Can be used in all our floorings the HT « High Traffic Corà » paint which protects against wear and tear and frequent foot traffic.

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