Wood flooring and pets seem impossible to combine! We immediately think about a fast run of our four-legged companions at home, his food out of the bowl, his nail when he stretches. Actually, it is pretty  easy to have these two in the same house. Let’s find out more in this article.

Wood flooring and pets: how to deal with

If you are looking for a wood flooring that can resist to your pet, we suggest our flooring treated with the  Vernice “High Traffic Corà” which confers high resistance to wear and scratches to the wood.

Anyway, the beauty of your flooring depends also on the pet’s education. To have him used to the litter, to eat in the bowl placed on a carpet and accurate grooming will avoid sharp nails to scratch the wood flooring, and your wood flooring will last for a long time.

The wood floors suitable for a house with pets

Which parquet should I use if we have dogs, cats or other pets at home?

We recommend wood species with hard and resistant grain, like Teak and Doussié, suitable for hiding scratches and stains that may ruin the look of your wood flooring. As an option, we suggest them Oak and Iroko, that are a little less hard though very resistant.

In addition to the type of wood and the finishing of the flooring, some varnishes “tarnish” the wood helping to increase the performance of the wood flooring.

For all the Design and Evo-Garant Collections, Corà offers on request the “High Traffic” treatment. It has aluminium nanoparticles, which confer high resistance to abrasion, high traffic and scratches, keeping the flooring beautiful, despite the time.

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