How would a beautiful Corà parquet floor look in your new project, in your office or in your home? Well, you don’t have to tax your imagination any more, you can see it with just a click. All thanks to Corà Live, il nuovo simulatore online the new online simulator added by Corà when it renewed its Website This new simulator helps you choose the best wood floor for your room, giving you the chance to see the finished result in real time.

No need for apps, or to register, not even a password to remember. Just grab your phone, take a photo of the room and choose from the around 120 wood floors that the company proposes in 20 different collections.

The simulator uses augmented reality: the system’s artificial intelligence interacts virtually with the space in the snapshot, directly loading the selected surface onto the image.  All immediately. Trying is believing!

Enter Corà Live

Corà live, no need to worry about making a mistake any more

The main advantage of Corà Live is that it ends the fear of making a wrong choice. Selecting the right floor is always problematic, and if dealing with parquet, the choice is even more difficult: you have to choose between the infinite variations of format, sizes, colours, tones and surface finishes. Without even thinking about the different laying patterns.

Until yesterday, the only alternative to imagination was to trust in rendering which, even though a fundamental step for each respectable project, presents different limits.  First of all, it requires the time of a professional. It is also less flexible, offering a limited number of points of view and recreating the effect of the wood through textures with an impact that is very useful but not very realistic.

With Corà Live, on the contrary, everything is already in your hands. The simulator works from any angle, and applies a  high resolution visual re-elaboration to the image that can transmit not only an overall first glance, but also the transparency of the colours, the luminosity of each of the wood variants and the variability of the effects, always slightly different between boards.

A useful tool for designers and end clients.

The choice of a parquet is often the final result of a multitude of different assessments, with expectations you are initially not often truly aware of. This is why Corà Live comes to your aid, making the most important aspect simple and fun: having the right idea of the final result. In other words, the decisive moment of the whole process.

All this makes the tool perfect for designers who want to experiment different furnishing solutions immediately, offering an even more professional service. It is also for end clients, however, because they can move freely, trying all the floors in the catalogue again and again, downloading or sharing the photos of the best results and immediately having all the technical information and specifications of the selected product.

Maximum autonomy, but with Corà always by your side

Thanks to Corà Live we can leave our products to speak for themselves and inspire, giving every visitor the chance to explore a whole forest of proposals, all to be discovered and tried, in full autonomy. Naturally, we are always there, all you have to do is ask. In addition to the product sheets, you can receive a personalised estimate or a free sample; all you need are a few clicks to immediately find your closest Corà retailer.

Discover all the chromatic variations, be swept away by the most prestigious production techniques, dare with the most audacious finishes: our 100 years of history can transmit all the warmth of our love for wood even in the most innovative manner. And it will be a pleasant first step towards seeing your next corner of happiness with fresh eyes.