When speaking about vinyl floors we all know that no matter how practical and continually more developed they are, they remain light years away from what a real wood surface can communicate in terms of naturalness and atmosphere.

Yet today there is a new line that is creating its own space, offering an optimal alternative to whoever wants a resistant and flexible wood effect but without the empty, “plastic” subfloor that is typical of less-evolved technical floors.

It is called Astrology, and it is intent on becoming the new star of wood-effect vinyl floors. Technology, research and a top-level style study make it the perfect combination of a highly technical surface with a striking look that leaves its mark.

Of rigid vinyl, with a wood effect that is easy to lay and which lasts a lifetime, Astrology is another best proposal from our Corà F4U collection.

Astrology - Corà Parquet

Astrology: let’s read the cards

Astrology is technically classified as an Espc (Engineered Stone PVC Composite) surface. In terms of quality, it is the highest step on a scale that starts from the generic galaxy of Pvc surfaces and rises progressively in level, first with Lvt (Luxury Vinyl Texting) and then Spc “simple”.

The result is an extremely high-performing vinyl floor that is stable and with character, but also light and pleasant.

Even though slim (6.5 millimetres), it is perfect as an overlay when floor height is limited. It is also extremely wear-resistant, no matter whether used in residential, commercial or industrial environments.

Espc, the silent vinyl with a stone core

Espc and Spc cores are multilayer and also contain multiple materials, among which stone powder (this is where the S of “Stone” comes from). As a result, the structure becomes much stronger and longer lasting, but remains extremely flexible and soft to the touch. It is also extremely easy to lay.

Compared to Spc, an Espc surface like Astrology has two additional layers of Pvc, which also improve its comfort. This means that the acoustic insulation of the floor improves, giving those who walk on it a more embracing, less artificial sensation.

Finally, to sum up what an Espc floor is, we can say that it is a more evolved surface than Lvt and Spc. It holds the best characteristics of both, with optimal results that other types of surface do not give.

tabella Astrology - Corà Parquet

Why you should choose an Espc floor like Astrology

Firstly, as already mentioned, because it is silent and resistant. It is light, weighing 20% less than traditional vinyl floors thanks to its innovative composition. It is also safe and hygienic, because it does not absorb stains or humidity and there is no leakage between the elements.

All this makes it perfect for heavy-traffic areas whose wood-effect floor has to stay beautiful. Public areas like offices and laboratories, medical studios, restaurants, hotels, spas and airports. Private spaces too, though, from humid areas like laundries and bathrooms to kitchens and the relaxing areas of living rooms.

Proposed in panels of length 1.8 metres, it makes an excellent impression even in domestic spaces where practicality rules, effortlessly adding depth and elegance.

Allow yourself to be tempted by your zodiac sign

Which Astrology choice suits your zodiac sign best? From the dark tones you can select Taurus and Aries, which know how to make any room sophisticated. Or go for the light tones with Libra, Gemini and Leo, the casual soul of your home. Or again, move towards the more classic wood effect with Virgo, Cancer or Scorpio.

A rich choice of colours with the most glam tones from brown to natural to white; they pander to any interior style you could wish for.

With Corà, vinyl flooring can offer the fascination of herringbone laying. Thanks to the patented connecting system, you can rediscover all the fascination of a truly classic look but in modern style, in the most popular nuances. Aries, Virgo and Leo can also be laid in the herringbone pattern.

Corà, innovation is in our nature

It’s true, our company history is rooted in wood, but our nature for innovation pushes us to go further every day. That is why we decided to propose Astrology. Corà is one of the first European companies to deal in Espc vinyl floors, the only one able to satisfy even the most demanding clients. Those that want their technical wood-effect floors to be long-lasting, but also good to look at without seeming artificial.

Discover how to add Astrology to your project with the support of our consultants. The result will be truly…stellar, and that’s a promise!

astrology - corà parquet