Designs by a distinctive artist for coverings that are an authentic work of art amidst research, innovation and naturalness. Corà Parquet takes Impulso and Miraggio – probably the two most audacious and unconventional lines from the refined collections proposed by the company – to Cersaie 2023.

Created in collaboration with Pininfarina Architecture, Impulso and Miraggio are a true homage to the perfect forms of nature that surround us. The pleasant naturalness of wood in both these collections migrates gradually towards the practical functionality of stoneware, opening an uninterrupted dialogue between the living room and the terrace, the living areas and the kitchen or fireplace, the bedroom and the bathroom.

The collaboration between Corà and Pininfarina, which was inaugurated officially with the launch of these two prime collections, will become stronger over time as materials – starting from the properties of an eternal material like wood – are blended to create a new range of floors and coatings with a high technological content.

We worked together on the new catalogue, which is where the two new products are presented and all the information on the concept and technical aspects that inspired our work can be found.

Impulso, the shape of movement

Impulso is the flooring that turns static surfaces into dynamic ones. Driven by an ‘impulse’ – or a spontaneous desire for movement – the nature of wooden floor transforms as it merges with other materials in a progressive rhythm that flows into floors and walls. The repeated rhombus shape of brings those who observe it into contact with a surface that is alive and pulsating, in which you can pleasantly lose yourself as you find all the energy of your being.

The warm lines of the wood, with contrasting veins that break the lines of the more traditional design, and the fresh, luminous stone of the inserts, which stimulate the touch, make a match that invites you to continue the discovery of a new sensory experience inch by inch.


Miraggio, true naturalness

In the frenzy of everyday life, the “mirage” of a peaceful corner that is all yours can now become a reality. Miraggio is the coating that transforms spaces for living into a shelter where you feel welcomed, where you can reconnect with nature.

The sinuous shape of the wooden strips and stoneware inserts recall the movement of the ocean waves, of sand whose ripples have been sculpted by gusts of desert wind. The sinuosity of the Pininfarina curve, which “autographs” the most beautiful cars in the world, becomes the distinctive element of the surface.

The result is a perfect blend of both materials, with a floor that is ideal for every location as it fluidly migrates from wood to ceramic.


Impulso and Miraggio, the “perfect integration” that writes history

The floors of the Corà-Pininfarina collection are unconventional, even in the way they tell their stories. In addition to presenting them through the new catalogue, Corà chose them as the main protagonist of Storie di legno, (Stories of wood), a communication project written with MM Company and created to thrill “wood lovers” from all over the world: designers, retailers and those who love natural materials for home design.

Storie di legno is a comic strip series that narrate the ironic adventures of Cora, an architect who lives in an imaginary city called Woodenville and who has a dream: to build a world made of wood. To do this, she uses wooden floor in each of her projects, facing seemingly impossible challenges as they appear.

The first episode of the series is called “L’integrazione perfetta” (Perfect integration). Written by Lucia del Pasqua and illustrated by Mauro Marchesi, it tells of the inspiration behind the Corà products designed by Pininfarina.

The comic strip appeared in the first issue of Corà Journal, an editorial publication in tabloid format proposed at Cersaie 2023 as a preview of the new Corà 2024 catalogue. The strips with the adventures of Cora will continue as a special insert even in the next catalogues, which will become truly unique collectables.

The Journal and Storie di legno are other ways of talking about wood, so trade professionals will remain constantly amazed by the novelties of a material whose future will always be different thanks to Corà.

Those who were not with Corà at Cersaie 2023 can still find inspiration from our stand by taking a virtual tourVIRTUAL STAND CORÀ CERSAIE 2023