The warmth of solid wood mixed with the performance of a really high tech floor. Welcome  to Acqua Yacht, the outdoor composite flooring by Corà for those who want a classy outdoor decking with the right personality.

A surface that knows its stuff: waterproof, skid-proof, non-deformable and resistant to termites and microorganisms, all while maintaining the visual and sensorial impact of real wood. Technologically speaking, its unique configuration is one of its many strong points.

Corà Parquet - Acqua Yacht

Acqua Yacht Corà, strong as an oak

With composite flooring for outdoors, the first aspect to consider is that we are talking about real wood. There is a substantial difference, however, at least when compared to traditional decking.

A composite floor is reinforced by a process that makes it much more resistant. Acqua Yacht is part of our Techwood® line, Corà floors made by Corà using a basic formula of wood flour and high-density polyethylene (PEHD), a breathable thermoplastic. The result of this combination is decking that is absolutely inalterable and which needs no maintenance.

Thanks to this special processing technique, the surface of the spruce and French pine planks becomes inalterable while still maintaining the same toughness and breathability as oak. For an outdoor floor…that lasts forever.

Water is its element

As its name suggests, water is its true element. Acqua Yacht, in fact, is ideal in every environment where the levels of humidity are high. So not just for terraces, courtyards and paths that are exposed to bad weather, but also for piers, boardwalks, swimming pool edging, and as cladding.

Walking barefoot on Acqua Yacht during the summer is relaxing, like walking on solid wood that has been warmed by the sun. With Acqua Yacht though, the fear of splinters or slipping simply does not exist, thanks to the wood-polyethylene mix that keeps the product just as integral and natural as the most authentic wood.

Scratch resistant

With Acqua Yacht you can enjoy the beauty of real wood for outdoors knowing that it will stay looking good as time goes by. And you don’t have to worry about scratches or accidental knocks either. Sunbeds, tables for open-air meals, children’s toys: live your spaces without worrying thanks to the resistance of a Techwood® floor by Corà.

Natural beauty

Two-thirds recycled wood from PEFC-certified forests, one-third high-density polyethylene. These are the only “ingredients” of Acqua Yacht, the unique, environment-friendly outdoor floor.

The materials it is made of are 100% recyclable, but above all:

  • they do not contain PVC, glue or formaldehyde
  • they do not contain heavy metals
  • they do not release toxic or volatile substances, classified A+ by VOC emission tests, into the environment
  • they do not require treatment with harmful products.

Acqua Yacht planks are processed in the same way as solid wood, and the final result has an extremely natural raw-wood effect, with a colour that stabilises under the sun’s rays, quickly becoming more authentic. To keep it like this, just wash it with a normal neutral floor cleaner.

Corà Parquet_Acqua Yacht

Three types of colour for a result that is yours alone

Acqua Yacht is available in three colours and a very rich variety of chromatic nuances.

Elegance Rigata (Striped Elegance)

Planks with a regular stripe on the surface and a hidden connecting system. The effect is “timeless”, able to blend functionality with a look that never goes out of fashion. It has an R12 / R13 slip-resistance rating according to the DIN 51130:2009-5 standard.

Elegance Liscio (Smooth Elegance)

A sober, essential line with a regular surface. For those who prefer striking simplicity. With an R11 / R12 slip-resistance rating according to the DIN 51130:2009-5 standard.

Emotion liscio (Smooth Emotion)

Infinite tones that make each plank unique. Emotion’s finish is uneven, with the tones of true wood that transform the whole surface into an inimitable work of art. With an R11 / R12 slip-resistance rating according to the DIN 51130:2009-5 standard.

Ask our professionals for the outdoor floor that is best for you. Acqua Yacht is ready to welcome you aboard.