Wood is a warm, insulating and natural material. Thanks to its properties, it has been used for the construction of our houses since ancient times. Although the term „parquet“ has a relatively recent origin, the wooden floor has a much longer history. In this article we will find out the reasons for this success.

Choosing the parquet, choosing the beauty of wood

Whether you are thinking of furnishing a home, an office, a wellness center or a store, you can not help but think of wood as the preferred material of your project. Here are 5 good reasons to choose the parquet! 

1) A natural and living material

Barefoot comfort! Warmer than any tile, more practical than a carpet, parquet is a living material that if properly treated, becomes durable and more beautiful over the years.

2) Easy to maintain

The best treatments, the practicality of maintenance. The Corà parquet is very easy to clean, thanks to the use of the specific Maintenance Kit and will not require many maintenance precautions over the years. Read here our advice on parquet maintenance.

3) Bellezza evergreen

Corà parquet floors are made to overcome the time barrier. Read the article we have dedicated to the wood path from our hands to your feet and discover our manufacturing processes.

4) Responsibility and sustainability

Wood is an extraordinary bio-construction material. In addition to its performance as a thermal-acoustic insulation, Corà parquet is sustainable and recyclable. The wood forests are managed with responsibility and awareness so that they regenerate continuously, for the benefit of the planet and future generations. Find out more about our commitment to respect the environment.

5) Variety and originality

Choosing a wooden floor is also a matter of style! With Corà Parquet one can choose from a wide variety of collections expressing all the power of this material, thus adding an intimate and personal touch to your personal spaces. Find out more about our lines .