Kromia is a wood floor with unique colours, from natural to grey and black tones. Do you like playing with colours ? then find out the creative colour schemes of Kromia!

Kromia: colours, research, quality

Kromia is an engineered wood floor by Corà Parquet with top layer in European Oak, first grade, available in seven colours, design by Corà_Lab in cooperation with Arch. Massimo Broglio.

Kromia is available in the following formats: 90° Herringbone, 45° Chevron, 2-layer boards and 3-layer plank with 5mm thickness noble wood. The brushed finishing of Kromia enhance the beautiful and natural grain of the wood.

Each colour of KROMIA hasn’t been designed to keep up with fashion, but to fulfil the needs of endless, tasteful decoration of indoor spaces. We did a careful study of the colour to improve the quality of the spaces.

Colour schemes express the Kromia contemporary allure!

All the colours of the Kromia Collection are to be combined with creative colour schemes, always unique and surprising. The nuances allow matching natural colours, light or dark, creating modern, charming pavements.

The final look of the wood floor with Kromia colour will inspire both public and private spaces, thanks to the range of seven colours! Here are three examples of laying and colour schemes.

Corà Parquet special treatments

The seven Kromia nuances come with the special HT treatment included, so the noble wood layer has a strong wear resistance that makes this flooring perfect for very high traffic areas. If you want to learn more about the “Corà High Traffic” treatment with the article: the technological innovation of a high-traffic-proof wood floor.

The special treatment the planks are subjected to allow to lay the floor in high-traffic areas, creating the perfect product for public premises, such as stores or restaurants. We tested it for first, during exhibitions and events with big turnout, and it was successful!