Project Description

Villa privata
Progetto: arch. Dean Louw di RB12 design & procurement – London
Pavimento: Prefinito 3 strati – Collezione Easy / Maxi Tre – ETNA (misura 190-500 Mq)

Citazione architetto Dean Louw by RB12:

“We chose that particular floor primarily because of the quality of the Cora flooring. The floor was laid in large open rooms and so it was a fairly important part of the design and finish. We chose a slightly lighter finish as a large part of the house is at lower ground floor level. This meant that it made the space brighter and it helped bounce natural light. The owner is really pleased with the result as the room is light and bright and feels that it helps soften some of the harder architectural materials used in this development. The client is extremely satisfied and is looking forward to having many parties and functions in the house to show it all off”.