Is wood flooring too delicate? Can I lay it in the bathroom and in the kitchen? Is it difficult to maintain? Today we discover the whole truth, debunking some clichés.

Let’s answer some common questions on wood flooring

1) “I cannot lay the wood floor as I have underfloor heating.” Of course, you can!

As we already stated in one of our articles, wood floor and underfloor heating get along well. Wood, in fact, radiates heat like any other type of flooring. Most floors are suitable for installation even on floors with underfloor heating. Experience the wonderful feeling of walking barefoot on our floors!

2) “Solid wood is more valuable than multi-layer wood floor.” Not true!

Solid wood is composed of single-layer small boards or planks. It is certainly enduring and can undergo several sanding operations. However, it is also easily subject to natural wood variations caused by temperature and humidity. The multi-layered wood floor, on the other hand, is more stable and deforms more difficult than atmospheric variations. Furthermore, it reduces shutter speeds a lot. Prices are now equivalent.

3) “Wood is not suitable for bathroom and kitchen floor.” Not true!

More and more often, bathrooms and kitchens now have wood floor. The natural beauty of wood is irresistible in all home environments. Obviously, the most water-resistant wood species should be taken into account, such as Doussiè, Iroko and Teak. We have discussed this topic further in our blog post: Can you lay a parquet floor in the bathroom?

4) “I cannot lay the wood flooring in the garden.” Of course, you can!

We have written many articles on outdoor wood flooring. There are many wood species suitable for outdoor installation, even  for the poolside! Read everything you need to know about our decking.

5) “Gluing system laying is always better.” Not true!

Gluing system laying is definitely the most used one, but the floating system laying has some advantages as well. In fact, in this case the floor can be removed without damage and be reused in another environment. Read our article on wood flooring laying techniques.

6) “I love pets, I cannot have wood flooring.” Of course, you can!

“Parquet and pets” sounds like an impossible match! Yet, the harmony between parquet and animals is not so difficult to achieve. In one of our articles we talked about how to choose the perfect wood flooring for pets. In addition, Corà Parquet has created a special varnish against the enemies of hygiene, read more about Vernice High Care.

7) “Wood floor is a high maintenance product” Not true!

Corà Wood Floor does not require too much maintenance. It’s really simple, just follow the instructions on our Corà Floor Care program. Would you like to read more maintenance tips? Here is our article to keep your wood as clean as first laid.

8) “Is the wooden floor eco-friendly?” Of course!

It has always been important for Corà to guarantee the responsible use of wood as a raw material. For this reason, it promotes to its customer a culture of environmental responsibility and certified woods purchase orientation, making its production process transparent. Read more in our article on parquet and deforestation.